Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Phase 2 Fire Place Finishing

Work is progressing nicely on the second phase of the fireplace.  I have completed tiling and grouting the four art niches. I used a 12" slate tile for the back and bottoms. Mosaic rectangles covered the top and sides. They look dark but when the lights are turned on I think they will highlight the art we place in them nicely. Somewhere a 3 1/2 foot purple amethyst geode is waiting for a new home. Perry has gotten the beams for the niches cut and complete. Some are installed now. We placed them flush to the height of the outer edge beams but cut them a couple inches smaller for variation. We have the scratch coat on for this phase and a small start to installing rock. It really seems to be such an easy job when you are not 30 feet in the air. We are having a lot of fun doing this project together. 

Perry and I spent a few hours on the sleds on Monday finding a few possible trees for the edges of the two walls we are rocking by the front foyer. Found a perfect one with a limb in the exact right spot. I can hardly wait to see what they will look like installed. The other side of the wall is corner rocks. Next up black rock next weekend.

Close up inside the art niches
Excited to get back to rock installation after the tile
Small beams being added to the top and bottom edges of the niches
The background rock being installed, you can see the outline for the tree branch extension slightly
Next up will be the black tree branch going up, I put a second branch off of the main one leading to the left 
Starting on the foyer/great-room wall. Black background, with a swirl of Wolf Creek brown that will surround our fossils that we have found over the years, exciting. There will be a tree on the right side of this wall too. Flush to the end.
Perry finished up the master bathroom wall last weekend, it looks fantastic. Still need trim on the window and crownmolding. No stained glass installation until the hammering is complete!
Poplar 6" tongue and groove stained Beachwood, a bluish green stain finished with varathane
Relax...Respect...Enjoy...this lovely snowy spring... Dorri

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  1. Very nice one can't say hard work doesn't pay off as you guys sure did ����