Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fireplace Phase 1 Complete

Phase One is finally complete. I am not going to miss working up so high off the floor. 6 scaffoldings high was a bit much!! It will be well worth it though. We have begun work on Phase Two. I have two of the art niches complete. We tiled them with natural slate. The same slate we used in the garage bath. Rough un-honed multi-color slate from India. We will be installing honed slate on the floors in front of the 4 sets of Loewen doors to add a barrier in front of the walnut flooring, just in case of moisture. I love the roughness of the un-honed for around the fireplace but I think we want a smoother feel for tender toes! 
I can almost see the end in sight 
Clean up and take down another scaffold, no windows were broken in the de-construction of this project lol
Unfortunately I can't get a great shot without scaffold as we still need four sets high for Phase Two. I can tell you that Perry's biceps are rock hard after pulling up and lowering all this iron wink wink!!
Our tree of life....well it's the trunk of life anyways!!!
Perry got the ceiling fan installed. 2 fans above in the loft and the one in the great room should push the heat where it is required. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter
Laying out the tiles for the niches
Niche 1 tiled, not a lot of fun tiling a box that is 15" wide by about 12" deep, tight quarters for my head to look up to make sure the lines are straight and level haha
Niche Two tiled, two left and I have run out of adhesive, must be time for a break
I managed to tile the 3rd niche and the top of the 4th before I ran out of adhesive. One of the first rules about living up north, buy two of everything. Be prepared. Oops. Oh well I don't mind a break this week from tile and will continue on with other projects. Perry cut the wood beams that will trim the tops and bottoms of the niches. Lucky for us we had a free additional labourer up here this weekend to help oil them. Per's mom Violet came to visit for Easter. She wanted something to keep busy. Soooo......We very much appreciated her fine oiling job on the beams while I was grouting the niches. Once I complete them and the beams go up, we will add the lath and get a scratch coat on to continue on with the rock installation. Down to Phase 3 almost yay. 

I hope y'all had a fantastic Easter holiday, I know we did. A little of everything, family dinners, chocolate, work, fires in the snow, sledding, movies, sleeping, eating, and mimosas! Now back to reality, low carb and exercise!!!

Relax...Respect...Enjoy....spring has sprung... Dorri

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