Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fireplace UPDATE

Scaffolding has happened... and we are going to be installing the scratch coat today. There is definitely a learning curve to adjust to the heights again. 30 feet to touch the roof. 6 scaffoldings high. Perry has been industriously securing it all safely to the wall. After a few big gulps I will adapt again!! Its happening....finally. This is how we roll! Here are few pics of the beam installation. Per has two more to cut to finish the sides.

One more set of scaffolding to attach to the top
Shadow play in the late afternoon sun
One of the best purchases we made for building our own home, lots of scaffolding 
One step closer to stapling on the weatherproof barrier and metal lathing 
A different perspective
Perry had to shorten the top scaffolding 5" to give us some walls at the very top
Watch those sparks fly, as good as Canada Day 
I think he really liked this
Can you say....we are ready? Not nearly as sunny out as yesterday boo!
Relax... Respect...Enjoy...getting back to rock it... Dorri

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