Monday, February 29, 2016

ANOTHER Fireplace Update on Phase 1

The balls are in the air and we have liftoff! We have had a very productive week cutting and installing the stone for the fireplace. The weather has cooperated for Perry to be out cutting on the master bedroom deck, despite a few chilly windy snowy days. February really has been an ideal weather month for fireplace finishing. The stone is going on without any issues. The new mortar we have been using works like a dream. Sakrete Type N Mortar Mix. The 33 kg bags are heavy with a capital H but worth the muscles I am building. I am using black cement colorant for the Boral - Black Rundle stone and straw for the Boral - Wolf Creek stone. Perfect matches for touching up cuts too. Perry is an awesome stone cutter so there is very little waste. There was a little bit of a trick getting the stones and tools up there but we came up with a very good system, pulleys, ropes and bags. Laying out the stones on the floor of the loft definitely helped in the long run but I still had plenty of substitutions to make. When I am ready to install the rock on the walls of the main floor I will definitely lay them out again in the beginning. Less time standing around looking for the perfect rock. But I digress, first there is Phase 2 of the fireplace, the bottom 20 feet or so.
A view from the top
Cleaning out the cement pail at the end of the day and here was this lil chicken watching me from the deck!!!
Peekaboo I see you
After we applied the scratch coat I used chalk to draw the pattern on. We started about 20 feet from the ceiling. I call this Fireplace Rock installation Phase 1. This is the Wolf Creek color. Nice varying shades of browns.
Starting to lay the tree trunk up the centre of the fireplace. This is the Black Rundle stone. Fun stuff cutting this almost every rock needs a tune up!!
Couple days into installation and we  made it up to the 5th set of scaffolding
Not a whole lot different than the mosaic work I do. Like fitting a puzzle together. My interpretation of a tree trunk crawling up the fireplace
Saturday found us on the top scaffold. Suddenly it is not as much fun anymore!!
We also lost our nice spring weather on Saturday but we persevered. I am pretty sure it was ugly out there but I was stuck at the top of the scaffold looking out!! Feeling bad for Perbear!
A productive Sunday left at this point. Back to black to start the week.
One weeks progress for rock installation. I am anticipating 2 1/2 days to finish depending on weather and circumstances beyond my control lol! Maybe my craft room will be calling me or my workshop where I should be working on stuff right now! Or I may NEED to go for a run or snowshoe?

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... the beginning of the end of "heights"... Dorri

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