Thursday, January 28, 2016

Interior Fireplace Update

Due to weather we haven't got as much done on the fireplace as we would have liked to. Oh well, nothing but time! The weather just hasn't been conducive to cutting the rock outside or setting up the scaffolding yet. Perry has been working on the beams that will frame the sides of the fireplace. I just finished oiling the 6 he had ready. They should set off the rock nicely.
Oiled with Watco Oil - Dark Walnut, the same color the west poplar wall in the loft was oiled
First one up on the wall, love the rough look of these Pine 6 x 6s 
The very heavy 7" deep maple mantle has been patiently waiting for a long time, leaned up against the wall 
One of the side logs for the lower part of the fireplace.... pretty cool poplar wood posts will hold the mantle
Relax... Respect... Enjoy.... Dorri

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