Thursday, January 7, 2016

Interior Fireplace Beginning.....

The dreaded month of January has arrived and you know what that means.... time to begin the finally finishing of the interior fireplace wall. 2 1/2 stories high lends an interesting fact to this project. We will be living with scaffolding again but once this large project is complete the way will be paved for smaller finishes to begin that HAD to wait till this mess was gone. I finished installing the ledgestone on the front of the house this fall, a blog to follow with pictures. So I feel more practiced and ready to tackle this project.  

The stone is once again Boral - Country Ledgestone - main color is Wolf Creek and the accent wave is Black Rundle. The wave is an interpretation of a tree branch??? Or so I am saying now. I can do this by the seat of my pants, build and create as I go. Pretty much every rock in the wave will need one or more cuts, some may be four. Lucky for us the main work site is the loft across from the fireplace and we can go out the garden doors and cut on the upper deck. Whew. My FitBit will still get a workout. Not so lucky will be 6 layers of scaffolding and a narrow walkway from the loft over to the scaffold. Perry is all about safety so I imagine it will be reinforced and tied down all over to WCB standard.

Sketching out the rough idea

I screwed 2x4s to the floor 79" apart and approx 14' long to layout my template for the wave. I sketched the wave on brown paper with chalk until it I got the curve that looked right to me. I cut the wave out to leave the pattern on the floor. Yay for not finishing floors until the fireplace was complete. This way I can get the fireplace looking exactly how I want it to on the floor, then move pieces over as required and mortar them on. It will be like painting by numbers...I hope it is that simple!
The beginning of any project is exciting. Man it will be nice to have the massive Maple slab mantle installed and not leaning on the wall forever! Plus Perry will get his garage back from being a storage unit for the huge trees that will hold the mantle, the beams and oh the other tree that we found that is going in the garage entrance. It has the greatest little twist in it. Found that on the other side of the lake last summer....Perry hauled it with the watercraft back here haha!

Placing the stones with attention to color and size. Will leave the wave stone till after the main stone is cut and placed. I used chalk to mark the cuts in this stage. I will use Jiffy marker before cutting. This just gives me opportunity to move stones around if I feel it needs a lighter or darker stone somewhere.
(Sure typing stone lots haha) 
From that black roof paper up is the piece we are working on now. Once that is complete the higher scaffolding will come down and we will work from the mantle up to the what is now black paper. So just like outside we staple black roofing paper, metal lath and then apply a scratch coat of mortar before installing stone. I don't have a template yet for the peak, until I am up there on the scaffold. But it adds about another 3 feet to the top of what I have on the floor. An addition to this is the 4 x 6 rough pine beams that have to installed on either side of the fireplace. They can go up before we get at the scratch coat or after, really does't matter. We debated about using the Boral stone corners but the majority of the corner would have had to be cut off so thought wood beams would look awesome. They are rough cut and will be stained similar to the window frames.

Been a long hard year with setbacks and sadness. Looking forward to finishing more projects on the house this year, with lots of love and fun times ahead. Happy New Year laugh love each day like it's your last cos you never know when it will be.

Relax... Respect...Enjoy... Dorri

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