Friday, January 22, 2016

Barn Board Clean Up

We collected another batch of awesome barn board last fall. Unfortunately it never made it up to the lake until December. Fast forward to the Christmas season falalalala.. la .. la! So much fun. So we just stacked it up in the garage until we had the time to deal with it. (Perry's side...sorry Perry).  The wood is from the same old barn out by Melfort that we used for the Garage 1/2 Bath. Garage Bathroom Completion (So to Speak!) The roof has now partially fallen on this lovely old relic of a building. I noticed a date on the peak of 1918 or was it 1928, oops can't remember, but it is old. We love the element of history entailed in using almost century old wood in our home. Wood, old beams, rocks, stained glass, iron and what else. Eclectic at best!!!!

Wonder how long until the old barn that is still standing will fall 
Goodbye to this amazing barn, I am sure it will be burnt one of these day, glad we were able to salvage a little bit of it's history
Setting up to start removing the nails and there a lot of them
Some of the wood was from the roof where there were wood shakes attached and hence zillions of nails
A 4 litre pail of rusty ol nails that were hammered in many moons ago by men likely, not women, but this women pulled them out lol
De-nailed, trimmed, stacked and ready to move out
Our plans for this delicious barn board involve the Main Floor Bathroom. After the Garage 1/2 Bath was complete, we fell totally in love with the look we had created. We knew it had to be replicated in a more frequented room. We still have a temporary sink and vanity in this bathroom because we are replacing the shower unit. It was just a stock white shower with a seat and it really never felt right. It has a great Moen shower spray unit but it was crying out for a more organic setting. The shower will be yanked out, a tiled shower room created out of slate and pebbles with an awesome rock seat as well. The sink is actually carved out of a rock too and will sit on top of the vanity. Renovations before the original completion but hey what can you do!! Only the best for our main bathroom.

Original shower with the Moen spray system with memory settings, our guests got it good
So back to the barn board. It's a square bathroom, the sliding pocket door wall will stay taupe painted gyproc, the wall behind the sink/vanity will be barn board, and the wall behind the toilet will be half board and half pebble/slate like the Garage 1/2 Bath. When we are ready to begin this project, our lovely board will be ready and climatized.
Perry got the last two dock board shelves up in my workshop. love them
Our son-in-law Danny devised these great shelf brackets out of electrical conduit. They have a very industrial feel to them. Perfect for the glass shop. He also makes lamps too, so  check out his website for original art lamps & shelving. Say hi from me ;-))
Great shelf brackets out of electrical conduit
The other morning this is the view I awoke to. A stunning multi-colored sunrise spread across the south eastern sky. No filter, taken with my iPhone. We feel very blessed to live in the land of the living skies. An ever-changing majestic show from Mother Nature inspires us. 
For most people, we often marvel at the beauty of a sunrise or the magnificence of a full moon, but it is impossible to fathom the magnitude of the universe that surrounds us.


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  1. Love your creativity and can't wait to see the finished bathroom!