Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Last week was fantastic! Nothing like accomplishing tasks to make a person feel so energized. My long list of UFOs was diminished greatly. The Fort St John Quilter's Guild that I used to belong to back in the day ran a yearly contest for the member who could finish the  most "Unfinished Objects". It was great fun. Most quilters and crafters already know that a lot of the fun in the project is in the beginning planning stages. Hence we all end up with boxes of items awaiting assembly. There is never any shortages of projects for a rainy day in our household. So between repairs and completion I had a great week in my workshop. I have these great work tables and now I can actually work on them without so much clutter. 
But first a hello from my little jelly bean Sawyer miss you peanut
After staining and varnishing the garage foyer I hung up the sign Ash and Dan gave us for Christmas 2014 don't you just love it
I repainted this little turtle Mama Violet gave me last fall when we helped them clean out their Candle cabin, he has a spot by the waterfall with his name on it 
We barn boarded the edges and legs of my gecko mosaic table, ready for the deck time to get out there and collect more boards for more projects
Added a little stain to the top corner round, rustic statement pieces just the way we like our furniture
The best stones come from BC. I try to get out there a couple times a year to collect 
Perry's project completed. A set of two flower pots for his mom for mother's day, just ready for staining
In between projects I have been working on stained glass for the shops, glass feather sun catchers 
This project wasn't completed, only begun, birdhouse wall hanging that was damaged in the move, so put that at the top of my 2nd UFO list for 2015
Birdhouse stained and hung, thank you sweetie
We actually had a skiff of snow last week if you can imagine. Mr Bunny heading over to the bunny feeder

Finally finished the mirror for the garage bathroom
Another squirrel and bird feeder, check out the recycled tin roof
A chipmunk feeder for the backyard...check

Relax... Respect... Enjoy...Life is so good, loving life with my first love....Dorri

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  1. What a great number of creative projects!!! Big in number and large in creativity.