Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Painted Paddles Project

One great thing about the Lakehouse is all the great space to hang art. Art and textiles I have created and art from others. Ashley's mother-in-law is a wonderful artist. We will be putting a large canvas of hers on the great room wall soon. A fabulous addition to our art collection. Check out Cindy Vincent online. She has such a great command of light. A wonderful woman to share my grandbaby Sawyer with. 

Another artist that I hope to have hanging on our walls someday is Cindy Revell. An amazing whimsical artist who I have know since my teenage years. Her work hangs in the Daffodil Gallery in Edmonton. 

Anyway, back to the paddles. In keeping with life at the lake I thought we should hang a paddle or two on the wall. High ceilings give us plenty of opportunity for statement pieces. I have a surfboard that I plan on mosaicing with stained glass. We will hang this from the great room ceiling 30 odd feet in the air someday. The paddles were really easy to paint. Just come up with an inspiring design, lightly sand the paddle and wash clean. I drew the pattern on the paddle and used painters tape on some of the lines. I sealed it with a couple coats of spray varnish. In keeping with the paddle/lake/native theme I added some feathers, leather and beads to the top part of the handle.

I used latex craft paint, the sealer will protect from chipping during cleaning
I planned the paint palette to match the sign and the stained glass in the doors 
Such a fun project, I want to paint some more. Maybe some Haida Gwaii west coast designs
Relax... Respect...Enjoy...a little art today... Dorri

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