Friday, May 8, 2015

ORANGE is My New Favourite Color

"50 shades of orange". Tangerine, pumpkin, tiger, cinnamon,melon, creamsicle, peach, pumpkin, persimmon, burnt orange, rust, bittersweet, papaya, apricot, carrot, coral, salmon, ginger, mango, titian,flame, curry, copper, auburn, autumn, butterscotch, cayenne, paprika, cheddar, chili, nutmeg, marmalade, terracotta and russet.

Orange is the color of saffron, carrots, pumpkins and apricots. It is between red and yellow on the spectrum of light and in the traditional color wheel used by painters. It's name is derived from the orange fruit. Orange is commonly associated with amusement, the unconventional, extroverts, fire, activity, danger, taste and aroma, the fall season, Protestantism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.  The word comes from the Old French orenge, from the old term for the fruit, pomme d'orenge.

The color orange is calling to me this year. Dorri Dorri Dorri. We plan on painting a couple of the walls in the condo rust moving towards a southwestern theme in there. (Sometime!!!) I have been scouring my cupboards and boxes at the Lakehouse for accessories and planning how we want it to look. Not surprisingly I am not discovering an over abundance of items. But it will be a great start.

I have a few orange Le Crueset pots, thats a start 
My Kitchen Aid appliances are white, royal blue and stainless...I would love to replace my white mixer with this bright orange one
A new orange soap dispenser Cusina Fruits & Passion smells yummy
An "orange" cutting board compliments of Momma Violet from a couple of Christmas's ago
Relax...Respect...Enjoy...and embrace a new bright color this year... Dorri

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