Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Garage Bathroom Mirror

In keeping with Project UFOs I have finished the driftwood mirror for the garage half bathroom last week. My collection of driftwood came in very handy. Lazy summer days are filled with beach trips to collect wood. A nice way to spend an afternoon, sunning on the beach and a picnic with Perry. I incorporate driftwood into a variety of art projects. I love the natural smoothness of the wood. The sun bleached gray is one of of my favourite colors

Started with a wood frame with a routered edge for the mirror to sit upon. When I make another one of these I would suggest aging the wood frame first with steel wool and vinegar
I used a brad nailer to secure the driftwood to the frame
Like a puzzle, keep trying once piece after another until it speaks to you
Ready to put the mirror in 
In place in the bathroom, the perfect addition to this little room 
Can't hardly wait to build another one

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