Friday, April 24, 2015

Why do Humans Litter???

The snow has finally melted along the Hansen Lake Road. The ditches are emerging filled with garbage. Why are people such pigs? Why do some people have no regard for the environment? Why is it so hard to leave a bag in your vehicle until you arrive at your next stop and place your garbage in a bin there? These are age old questions and I don't believe they will ever be answered. I walk along the ditches just absolutely sick with disgust at the filth that has been thrown there. Last weekend Perry and I went out to enjoy the sun on a nice spring day. Our thoughts were to collect bottles & cans for our recycling lady up here at the lake. (Yes thats my mom lol) Well, we collected bottles and really had our eyes open to the trash out there. We rode our quads north about 6 miles and then returned. In a stretch of 12 miles the garbage was unbelievable. I can only imagine how much there is everywhere. I am making it my mission to do my part. In all good conscience I cannot just "not pick" the garbage up. Every little bit helps and I am gonna make our little stretch of the highway clean again. We live in a  beautiful safe country so why can't we keep it pristine for the next generation? Come on people pay it forward.... if we all pitched in think how good we would all feel with a job well done. Lets do the right thing and pick up after yourself and everyone else. Be prepared and always carry a few latex gloves and garbage bags with you. Your children learn by watching you....give them something good to watch.

A poor bunny lost his life in this ditch, RIP little funny bunny
Many many fast food containers to be found maybe they should make it so you need to bring your own cups or pay extra through the nose

No shortage of diapers and wipes in the ditch. They take years to decompose
Can no one read the sign, there was garbage right beneath it??

How do you even have a bag of microwave popcorn out in the middle of nowhere??
I don't think I even need to say how disgusting this was

Smokers, drinkers, fast food eaters, candy eaters, water guzzlers, gum chewers, music lovers, people with cold fingers, milk drinkers, adults, kids and babies and the list goes on

Broken hockey stick, cooled, lonely socks and Nickleback

Relax...Respect...Enjoy....and please don't litter our planet can't survive all this shit... Dorri

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