Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This Year I Got a Fitbit

This year I got a Fitbit. I am in love!! Megan and Brandon each got a pair around Christmas time. They were all pumped about them and their enthusiasm was infectious. I wanted one but I never seemed to have time to do anything about it. Eventually I went online to www.fitbit.com to do some research. I really wanted a tangerine one (Tangerine is my new favourite color for 2015) but they were not available. I thought I could wait for a bit and see if they became available. In the interim we bought a Fitbit  Charge for Perry's mom for her birthday. She really loves to walk. After a few weeks my jealously got the best of me....I couldn't wait any longer and ordered my own in plain old boring black!! I cannot tell you how much more motivated this little band has made me!! Is it the email they send when you have walked 10,000 steps in a day. Or is it the badges they award you like gold stars? Or is it watching the scale number shrink? I am not sure. I am completely obsessed to the point I am using all of the app. Inputting my food and water intakes. Watching my sleep patterns and boy that really is an eye opener. My sleep quality sucks. Setting challenges and goals and encouraging my friends. 

Here is the little beauty I have been raving about
Mine is the Fitbit Charge HR so I access to my heart rate
The Fitbit Flex have a varied selection of band colors
When I wake the first thing I do is grab my iPad and see what the Fitbit app has to tell me about my sleep pattern. My goal is to improve my sleep patterns in this next year. Better and more sleep is my desire for the coming year. So far they have been horrendous.

One click and you see the time. Who knew I would be wearing a watch? I haven't wore one in years, not since I started carrying a cell phone. Two clicks and there are your steps taken. Three clicks and your heart rate appears. On the fourth click you can see the distance you have logged. Your calories burned is next on the fifth click. Flights of stairs climbed is number six. Steep hills count here too. 

The online shopping experience from this company was excellent. Free and quick shipping. The app was simple to install on my Mac, iPad and IPhone. It also works with Androids and Windows. It's a friendly interface with lots of fun options. The main screen, your Dashboard, is where you input your activities, water and food if you so desire. Your wrist band syncs automatically through out the day. The Charge HR gives a little buzz when you hit 10,000 steps. Badge notification comes via email. Congratulations and it feels good!! Another selling feature for me was adding friends and family with Fitbits for some healthy competition and encouragement.

Relax...Respect...Enjoy...and check out www.blog.fitbit.com ... Dorri

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  1. this post makes me want a fitbit! i had no idea they did all that stuff!