Thursday, April 9, 2015

Palm Springs Trip - Highlights

This January we spent a great month in Palm Springs with Perry's parents, Bold & Violet. Great family meals, day trips, hiking and good conversations. Angela and Sherry came down for a week and we had such a great time. Fresh grapefruits, lemons and oranges picked off the tree every few days. The dry desert air was a change from our usual humid vacations on the beach. An amazing array of Palm trees grow in and around this arid city. An oasis in the desert full of beautiful flowers. We had a lot of fun finding a great grocery store. Accidentally happened into a couple Mexican ones that seemed like we were in another country. Interesting to see the prickly pear and cactus foods for sale. A huge difference in our usual brands. I would have really loved to have brought some hot sauces and salsas home from there though. So many different taco shells and tortillas. Then we found ourselves in a whole foods natural organic store that my daughter Ashley would have loved. I loved this one too but we were looking for kind of specific items. Finally we came upon "Ralphs", just like Safeway, perfect for our type of shopping. Bonus was their unique in-store liquor. Buy 6 of anything and pay way less. Was pretty much cheaper to buy vodka than bottled water!! Needless to say the mimosas flowed pretty freely in our house. 

We enjoyed visiting the The Living Desert Zoo & Botanical Gardens, day trip to Algodones, Mexico, Painted Mountain, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, the canyons, a few malls and outlets, a few quilting stores and just getting to know the area.

So true
Early morning drive to Saskatoon, goodbye snow 
Goofing around in the airport because we are here early....
Bold's way of killing time, love the new improvements in the Saskatoon Airport
The fun part about flying, drinking outta plastic cups on a bumpy ride
Bold and Violet on the shuttle between the concourses in Denver, hold it goes fast 
Rental house and rental car in the Indian Palms Golf & Country Club, Indio, California
This is where the geese go in the winter.... Palm Springs who knew?
I never bought any of these cactus "leaves" not sure how to cook them. Tried the prickly pear.... not that great!!
3 great pools here and all the fruit you can pick and eat. Such juicy lemons, we were spoiled
Tasty little treat in the morning..... I'll have one, no two oh have three
Hiking in the Auga Caliente Indian Canyons.... amazing beautiful peaceful
How can I bring some of these gorgeous rocks home?
We left a little of ourselves in the canyons, we were there
Yoga on the mountain
The only sea we saw.... the Salton Sea "lake"??
The top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.... massive pine trees and snow just like BC
Panoramic views and a great hike
We wore Bold out hiking but he had a great patio to relax on afterwards 
We spent a lot of time relaxing out here, enjoying a glass of wine and playing on our iPads
Bold and Violet hiking in the canyons 
From palm trees to cactus we hiked and hiked and hiked and never saw a snake

I know and I didn't use my phone the whole time we were in Mexico boohoo 
Having a time
Sand from the dunes by Yuma 
A crazy find. A wild bee's nest with a honey comb.... Perry wouldn't let me hit it down and bring the honey home, it is funny you don't see any bees cos there were tons of them there
Sherry & Angela in the hot tub....they had us in the hot tub every night 
Crazy person selfie behind Perry lol or is this too many mimosas? 
The end to a great holiday, happy hour margaritas
View from the Aerial Tram
Last hike in the canyon, sad to go, we had a wonderful time
Ok WestJet take us home
I hope you enjoyed a small peek at our vacation. Thank you to Bold & Violet for the wonderful memories we will always treasure. is too short make some memories...Dorri

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I hope we get to travel to australia together next year!