Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Time is Flying in 2015

I am not sure where the time has gone but holy crap the end of March is looming over us. I still have not accomplished anything at the Lakehouse other than fun sewing projects. Perry has got a great start on the master bedroom closet though. I am not sure why life has gotten so busy seems like all we do is drive.... back and forth to the Lakehouse or Saskatoon. Although I did take a fun mini trip to Fort St John to see my little snuggle bunny Sawyer & Ash for 5 days in March. Hmm sounds like a sound 5 Days in May lol!! My lists do not seem to be shrinking!! Too many ideas not enough time. I have started carrying a journal around and I have my elists on my iPad. 2015 is a year of self-improvement and organization. I have begun to create photo books on Shutterfly from all the the digital pictures I have. Yay for cleaning that mess up. I follow a blog called A Thousand Words. She makes photo books on Blurb and has given me a lot of inspiration. 

I have been wanting to upgrade this blog and change up the graphics, give it a good spring clean. I have started but not completely finished. Technology gets away from me so quickly and I ended up having to watch tutorials on html and graphics!! Argh. I am very thankful for Google and UTube. Make some comments on how I'm doing!!!

Been quilting a couple small projects, another tiny sun bonnet for Isla and a couple of mug rugs for the coffee tables at the condo. Since I had my Creative Vision repaired I just want to sew and paint, and craft, and do glass.....priorities Dorri get on the house stuff....lol!

Heading to Saskatoon tomorrow to go to the Maroon 5 concert with Angela & Gary and Angele & Brian and of course my gorgeous finance Perry. Thursday night we are attending a steak night for a cancer fundraiser. Friday back to Melfort and then up to the Lakehouse that evening....

Sawyer bean being goofy. He is so much fun now
Isla is growing like a weed, she is 5 months old already. Back in Australia now so we won't see her until Christmas except for FaceTime.... boo
Mug rugs for the condo.... before I hand sewed the binding to the back side
I love it, no more paper towel sitting on the glass for my water or wine
You will notice the little tiny pocket I added for teeth plaquers!! I really really hate seeing them lying around and now they have a place to be stored
Isla's second sun bonnet I made for her. Gotta keep that precious little one safe from the sun
Getting ready for the Maroon 5 concert.... cherry/strawberry jello shooters.... limo ride refreshments???

Relax...Respect...Enjoy....some hot Adam Levine.........sizzle sizzle.... Dorri

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