Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Master Bedroom Closet Update

Perry has done an incredible job installing the cedar planking in the master bedroom closet. It smells just amazing. We purchased it from Windsor Plywood in pre-packaged packs of 10 square feet per pack. Very nice product but not straight or true by any means. Once the closet organizer is installed you really won't see much of the cedar except the one wall but it will be like storing your clothes in a cedar chest. Safe from moths :-))

Air nailing the boards onto the 2x4s. This wall will have a custom closet organizer installed
Perry added some built in shelves in this 6" wall shared with the plumbing for the bathroom  
You can never have enough storage space
Bead board was glued to the drywall in between the wall joists, painted and glazed
We aren't adding a door as there is a pocket door on the bathroom already that you can see in the top right side of this photo to the left is the bathroom
Back to Windsor this week to purchase 7 more packages of the cedar so we can finish. I cannot wait until we can use this room and have our clothes organized completely. Will be a good excuse to go thru our lake clothes and pare down.

Relax... Respect... Enjoy...this lovely spring day... Dorri

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