Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Healthy Life Thanks to Sprouts

A long time ago I bought this cute little 3 layer sprouter. I used it for a quite awhile and then like most stuff you get bored with, it was stored in the pantry for years. I decided to dust it off a while back and start growing my own sprouts again. Unfortunately during the moves the bottom drain tray was cracked but the three growing trays were fine. Dad is gonna fix it for me yay!! Thanks Dad. I placed the trays in a bowl and planted the sprouts. A few days later voila fresh healthy sprouts. Living in a small town the access to really fresh great produce is not always possible. Variety is slim too. There are times there are not even sprouts available. Oh my gosh who knew!!!!! I can purchase seeds from the health food store but I ordered these ones from Vesey's Seeds. I am trying Organic Alfalfa sprouts, Organic Broccoli sprouts, Organic Radish sprouts, Organic Spring Salad Mix, Organic Spicy Lentils, and Organic Sandwich Booster mix. We have had them on salmon sandwiches on rye bread. They tasted amazing. Crunchy, spicy and healthy. After growing for about 5 days I place them in a Tupperware cold cuts 3 layer container, works perfect to store them. Toss them in with smoothies for a boost too. Place a damp piece of paper towel on the bottom of each layer. They won't last long.... too delicious!

Growing well kinda like magic. Kids would enjoy watching them, good idea for Sawyer for his birthday
Rye bread and sockeye salmon with fresh sprouts
One small issue, I don't remember which seed was which!! Next crop I will make small labels until I get used to which is which lol!!!!
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... fresh organic home grown  produce... Dorri

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