Monday, January 26, 2015

What I am Reading

One Summer - David Baldacci

I never expected this book to be like it was when I pulled it off the shelf. I expected a love story actually. I do hate to read the jacket or the cover of the books so as not to spoil the story.  

It started off strong and the story was engaging. A 30 something family man dying of an incurable disease. A wife & mother trying to keep the family together and survive the impending death of her soulmate. The story kept me intrigued for about 3/4 of the book and then it kinda turned into a Harlequin romance and became very predictable. Very Monday night movie-ish. I still enjoyed it but .....ick....just wasn't for me. A beach read for sure. 

The reviews were not that great for this one but I would try another book of his again. 
2nd chances for everyone!!!

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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