Sunday, January 18, 2015

Vacation Time Leaving the Snow Behind

Christmas 2014 has come and gone and all that remains is some glitter on the floor, sticky windows from Sawyer and great memories of our family get togethers. Both kids and their families home to the Lakehouse for Christmas. Such a treat to have Sawyer and Isla together too for the first time. Lil first cousins. Perry and I along with his Mom and Dad, Bold & Violet, headed south like geese seeking the sun and warmth. For the next few weeks Indio, California will be our home away from home. We are staying in a beautiful home in the gated community of Indians Palm Golf & Country Club. Relaxing is the top  priority. Amazing tasting grapefruits, oranges and lemons picked straight from the trees. We are enjoying the countryside drives, hiking in the desert and mountains, the pools, a trip to Mexico, and the peace and quiet!

Back yard view from the house, beautiful pools and waterfalls
Our rental car.... a Dodge Durango. Will post a pic of it, crazy no key and a weird round shifter thingy!!
Choices which way to go?
Choices which ones to buy? 
2 hours from the ocean and these are still alive and on ice.... I just don't believe they are alive sorry!!!
Love that you can buy alcohol everywhere but they must have an issue with tasters as the caps all have a security lock on them lol! PS the good shampoos have security too go figure?
Cactus on the way in thru the gate
Perry hiking in the Agua Caliente canyons on the Cahullia Indian Reserve, undisturbed natural beauty, we did a 3 mile hike here
Don't jump on me and poke me Mr. Cactus
And so we climbed and climbed and climbed
We saw 2 little short tail squirrels, hummingbirds and snakes haha! 
Just like in the grocery store
Imperial Sand Danes east of Yuma, AZ 
Rest stop before we head into Mexico
Having a good day with my sweetie pie
Our reason for going to Mexico, prescription glasses at Best Optical, they were so helpful and the glass were great and very reasonably priced
I got 3 pairs and a pair of non-prescription sunglasses. All work perfect, excellent quality, average cost approx $300 Canadian, highly recommend
Waiting for the glasses at El Caliente, having enchiladas and a very tasty Long Island Ice Tea made to perfection by our very attentive waiter. 
Good bye Mexico....out thru the cattle gate!! You don't get checked walking into Mexico at all but going out they look at your passport. No stamping though. Very simple procedure.

Back at the sand dunes. I just wanna roll in them like a cat. We are so coming back here before we leave. I gathered up a bagful for our sand jar at home
Hiked about 4 miles in the canyons overlooking Palm Springs. Zillions of trails to follow great  for hikers and bikers. Blue sky as far as you see. Up about 1200 feet some crazy steep climbs but worth it at the top 
Yep we made it up to the top
Our inukshuk "we were here". I am not sure how smart it is to pick rocks in the desert? Isn't that where the snakes sleep? lol Oh well I was careful and on this hike we never saw any evidence of any. Actually we didn't see any creatures other than birds and fellow hikers
Live laugh love isn't that what it's all about?
Relax... Respect... Enjoy....sand sand sand all around.... Dorri

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