Monday, October 20, 2014

Summer Fun

Once in awhile we need to take a break from the house building and have some fun. Here are a few shots from our summer fun filled days...
Quadding on the trail to Heart Lake

Dorri & Gladys at Gladys's 90th Birthday celebration in Codette. Gladys was my first and best boss of all times at Nipawin Florists. Oh those were the days.

Lil Guy just haning out on the deck with us. He is peanut addict and loves to be on Instagram

Kayaking across the lake. Not nearly enough of this done this summer. We need to get Perry his own boat so we can go together

A perfect summer day at Little Bear Lake, SK

Ready for a day of water crafting

We enjoyed many a beautiful sunset and sunrise this summer

Quad trip to Heart Lake with Blockas and Gary & Angela

I am outside roughing it in the bugs and the great outdoors....where's the bathroom?

Hang loose mates...

Triple selfies... Dorri, Angela & Angele

Gary just having a time!!

What happens when I try and do a marshmellow Baily's shooter.....stickiness ugh

Well done smokies... just the way we like em

My awesome fiance.... just looking hott

Us at Heart Lake wearing our California Highway Patrol helmets... don't they look like that?

Any day I can go driftwood gathering is a good day indead

Driftwood gathering

Stealing some wood from the beaver house....they are friendly aren't they?

Kayaking the other side of the lake

Ashley and their entourage playing on the beach

There's messy baby Sawyer in daddy's arms enjoying a day
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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