Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stained Glass

Along with our trip to Kelowna we stopped for a drink in Drumheller at a restaurant where I had made the stained glass panels for. I was really really amazed at how well they look. You are never sure after you do a job like this how well they will be cared for and what they will look like it in about 10 years. The shine on the lead is as glossy as the day I polished it. I did three similar jobs in Alberta and this is the Drumheller one. O'Sheas Pub & Eatery. They started out being Eagan McSwiggens and sometime in the 2nd job they changed names. All have a very Irish pub feel to them. This place had terrible reviews but they sure made a good Long Island Ice Tea.
The panels in the booth dividers

Booth dividers...there were many of these to be made!!

Me and the booth

Perry and I and a couple Long Island Ice Teas

These two matching panels were built side by side to be fit into a back lit panel

Me and the unicorn side of the panels

I am motivated to create a similar panel for the hole I had built in between the master bedroom bath and the stairwell but with dolphins and water too

4 large panels on either side of the fireplace can be viewed from bar and the restaurant depicting my version of an Irish country scene

The other two

The outside view of the building
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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