Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Robin Roost

Summer projects perfect for a rainy day. Perry's sister Angela doesn't "really" love birds but they really love her. This year the robins who nest in their lush tree-filled back yard kept falling out of their nest. So sad hey? No worries mates, Gary rescued them and placed them back inside their nest. I did some googling and found that Robins like a roost to nest in not really a nest. Since Angela had a birthday coming up this was the perfect gift idea in my humble opinion. PerBear agreed so we set about to built one using old barn board scraps. The real test will be do they use it next spring... stay tuned for an update.
Angela and Dorri at Heart Lake this summer
Barn board, driftwood, grapevines and copper

I bent copper wire to shape these letters then hammered the heck out of it to make it flat

Tacked the lettering on and patinaed the tacks copper, I am sure the Robins will love their new nest box  next spring???
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... and feed some birds today... Dorri

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