Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kelowna Trip to Babysit Sawyer Bean

This June we went on a road trip to Kelowna, BC to babysit our grandson Sawyer for Ashley and Danny. Ashley was a bridesmaid for a long time friend of hers Julie's wedding. Julie and Ashley met when they were both toddlers when we all lived in Campbell River, BC. I really enjoyed seeing her parents and getting to spend time with baby. Although I thought we may get kicked out of the hotel with some of the screaming at night. Ok so it was my first babysitting duties and he being a breast fed baby just new to the bottle there was a learning curve. We managed with a shortage of sleep but he was only 7 months at the time so it is natural. We only wish we could have stayed longer.

Grandma and baby Sawyer 7 months

Grandpa Perry and Sawyer at the beach

Just enjoying the beautiful Okanagan sunshine

Lil Sawyer bean.... teething time

Crazy storms we drove through in Alberta

Argh.... I am a pirate

Enjoying a nice summer day on the beach

The beautiful bride and her entourage

On the highway between Kelowna and Sicamous

Gorgeous views

Escape into the mountains

Drumheller hills is like another planet
What's wrong with this picture... selfie time... smile Perry....don't be so serious haha

Entrance to Revelstoke, taking Perry on a tour of where I used to live

View of Mount Begbie....lovely wildflowers

Started to rain when we took this picture....I know it's a bad one lol

Pretty flowers

I miss waking up to this view

Sawyer loves to fall asleep in Grandpa Perry's arms

First bath from grandma

Sailor boy is so strong he loves to stand with help

A long long night with baby.... nice hair Dorri

At the restaurant on the water, how cute is his hat?

Along the Transcanada Hwy, the perfect spot by Field where we picked river stones for our stream at home

We spent at least an hour here and picked about 5 five gallon pails full

What a sweetie pie

Beautiful Ashley

The dinosaurs of Drumheller
Relax... Respect...Enjoy...the love of family times... Dorri

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