Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Have Walls I Need Pictures

Even without proper floors and house completion I was compelled to hang a few pictures. Nesting, making our little house a home. I guess mostly I have only hung in the bonus room but I have great hopes of spending a lot of quality time up there this winter. Want to get some more quilts sewn to hang along the hallways. Spend some time on Shutterfly and find some pictures to get printed.
The second guest room is the entire bonus room. Overflow... Gotta get here first to be ensconed in the guest room

One of the dormer window seats. Not everyone has a high opinion of my crazy pics but I love them

Homerwood Handscraped walnut 6" solid wood. We have laid a couple boxes to see what we thought and we love it so that will be the wood on the floors eventually. Very rustic and is light enough so won't show too many crumbs lol or Dexter hair

The wood in the loft, you can tell how far behind I am from blogging from this picture from spring lol

Had a trip to Value Village and found a few treasures

And a couple more from that same trip, score on the great little pottery jar

I hung a bunch of black frames up above the door in the loft. I still need to put pictures in them and add silicone pads to the back as they move everytime we open and close the door. I thought as I find things small curio items can be added to the holes

Momma Thomas gave us 4 of these REALLY heavy lions and we painted them black. Next year they will line the driveway to greet our visitors

This is my first leaded panel I made back in Revlestoke days. It fits perfect in the kitchen window. When the morning sun is shining it looks beautiful, that royal blue glass is very vibrant
Relax... Respect...Enjoy...Feathering your nest... Dorri

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