Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gardens Summer 2014

Oh the summer. Long, hot sunny days. The bees buzzing and the birds fluttering about the flowers blooming in the warm sunshine. For someone who said the yard would be very minimal and easy care I am making a little more work for myself. But it is becoming very welcoming & beautiful. I love to relax in a garden. One really bad winter could end it all but lets think positive and enjoy each day to the fullest.
The ornamental cherry tree's buds are set to bloom

This does very well, next year I will be able to divide it

Wood violets are so delicate but hardy

Ribbon grass is very hardy here and I should be able to divide this next year. I love any kind of grasses. They are a nice backdrop in a garden

The hens and chickens love the warmth the rocks provide them

Ornamental cherry in all it's blooming glory

2nd year for the cherry safe to assume we can plant more like this one

Wild purple lady slippers transplanted nicely from mom and there is a wild blue bell peeking inbetween

The best smelling of flowers Lily of the Valley

Creeping Flox work well in the rocks

Welcome to my Garden sign

Planted a few petunias for color among the stones

The Dogwood starting to bloom. Hello little squirrel

Flagstone path is a work in progress, I would like to add some Creeping Thyme to the cracks next year

The wonderful steps Perry built with old dock board treads.

The Daisies are so pretty but they can get a little invasive without clipping

The Blue Herons standing guard at the bottom of the stream

The stream with no water coursing down it
Relax... Respect.. Enjoy...nature and it's beauty today... Dorri

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