Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fossils and the Waterfall

Summer is for outside work and landscaping. We've made a couple trips up to Limestone to gather rocks and this year we were lucky enough to find some awesome fossils along with great rocks. I'm sorry the summer is over we sure would have liked a couple more day trips up there. I did some digging but haven't completly identified the fossils so if anyone out there knows please comment. We would very much like to place some of the fossils we found into the fireplace when we rock it. Should be possible Perry has really gotten skilled at cutting the rock so how hard can a limestone rock be? The thrill of finding a 3,000,000 year old fossil is pretty amazing. 

14" long I belive it to be some sort of sea anemone trunk?

Smaller version of the above fossil approx 8" in length
The rock wall plants are filling in nicely
Inukshuk 2014 We were here!

Mr. Bunny keeps eating my new willows up to the top

Small steps up to the path to unde the deck and the sewer tank

Need to add a few more large boulders around the edge of the waterfall

Spiral shell fossil very pretty

Just a really great red limestone rock

Fossil about 8" diameter looks like a curled up snakeskin

More spiral fossils

Spiral fossil very raised

Stream speed is perfect, likely trickles down to the blue herons and the chipmunks love to drink here

We collected a lot of river rock in Field, BC and slate to run along the middle of the stream and it looks great

Pink and yellow metal birds Violet donated to the back garden


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