Monday, October 13, 2014

Exterior Rock Installation #1

The rock installation has begun on the exterior and it had a bit of a learning curve no differnt than the interior stone. It is heavy and a lot more of a workout once you add the cement to the back of the stone. Perry is an awesome cement maker and cuts the stone with a diamond precision. I am the jo girl installer. If I am not in the mood it can be very hard to place the stones in a nice random pattern. You lay them all out and then pick and choose by size and color and fit. I am sure we will run out of the skinny stones. They are my go to picks haha. The sill stones were no fun but I do really like the look of them.

The wall between the vehicle doors and the garage foyer door
The post by the south wall of the workshop with the scratch coat complete
I bounce back and forth let things set a bit and then move along love these Boral stones

We learned thru trial and error the best consistency for installation, better to be on the runny side than the thicker side

Found another exterior plug in the carpenters had house wrapped over..... geeze eh? Boral Stone makes a nice electrical plate cover but you have to add an extension on the box
Applying the scratch coat to the left of the garage foyer door and under the guest room window

Scratch coat on the corner of the garage and workshop. I planted a great Virginia Creeper there that I hope in the years to come will crawl across the trellis above the garage doors

Extension added to electrical box and Lil Guy eating peanuts as usual

Relax... Respect... Enjoy....loving this rock work... Dorri

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