Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lakehouse Update

Master Bedroom Rock Wall Completion
Getting close to completion
Keeping it level
Had to move in the narrow scaffold, too much up and down on the ladders 
Not too much for extra stones. Idea: Cover treated wood for exterior garden boxes. Hauled them all outside under the deck for future use.
Long day, took about 12 hours to finish on Day 4 
The final product, we are very happy with the wall. Once I mosaic the niches I will post an updated photo. Next wall on the agenda is the small 6' x 9' in the ensuite. We are going to use the same style of rock - Boral Alpine Ledgestone but this time the colour will be Platinum Gray. Fun stuff coming up.

Garage Bathroom Walls
Perry started working on installing the awesome barn board while I was finishing up with the rock wall. We gathered wood from an old falling down barn 2 summers ago for this project. Washed, cleaned, dried and then the ants got into it and gave us a little more interesting texture with their little ant trails!!
Per cut the pine for the ceiling and I pickled the 1x6s white. I will glaze them next week, they are the same as the kitchen/foyer/hallway ceilings. Should match the sink vanity very well. The transom is already trimmed, maybe this will be the first stained glass one I get made?
The wood over the vanity. Note the ant tracks. Imagine the lower wall covered with slate and pebble tile. We have the slate here ready to go. Just waiting for my sweetie pie to install the cement board subfloor. Still thinking about a good transition between the two and I am kinda leaning towards a wood lintel? 3 x 3 inches maybe, roughed up and stained Dark Walnut to match the doors and baseboards.

Respect... Relax... Enjoy... Dorri

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