Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lakehouse Door Installation Update

Been working hard prepping the doors for installation. I managed to miss one pocket door, apparently I was working on it as a table and I couldn't find it under the piece of cardboard I had covering it lol. We had a good laugh. Then I have the 3 pine doors in the garage to complete yet as well. Love to see the end of staining and varnishing but Pat gave me a whole new list of moulding to order and all the cherry wood required for the stair railings and bannisters. Plus I still have the garage foyer and main floor bath 1 x 6s to stain and varnish. So my fun work continues.
The crown moulding is up in the MB Bathroom, so that the marble tile can be installed on the south and west walls around the windows and a 6 foot mirror.
Front foyer closet.
Doors to Mechanical Room #2 and Garage 1/2 Bathroom one step up.
The door is installed from the garage foyer to the garage....yay take that dust , stay over on your own side of the house.
Readying the double doors to my glass studio. We are leaving the one door still between the house and the garage foyer until we have the cabinets and appliances in place.
Bonus Room bathroom door.
Bonus Room bathroom door from the inside. Ball bearing hinges that make these heavy cherry doors feel weightless.
The hallway linen/storage closet and the door to the crawlspace. Freaking fantastic doors!
The front foyer hall closet complete. Love the way the transoms are tied into the doors. 
Guest Room door and transom, some fine tuning to the crown moulding worked so well.
Opening for stained glass panel from MB Bathroom to Loft is framed. I see a dolphin ocean theme happening here eventually. I might wanna finish painting that wall first lol!
The last door. MB Bathroom toilet closet. Peekaboo I see you.

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... and get more staining and varnishing done Dorri.....

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