Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bonus Room Ceilings Update

I cannot tell you how excited I am to announce the completion of the bonus room ceilings.... aka my sewing/art studio yay!!! It has been a long time coming. The crew finished in record time and did an awesome job. Flooring is slated to go down in this room May 13th. We still have a little finishing with the skylights, adding the accessory trays and blinds but for the most part it is done. I will continue to work on the bonus room bathroom and revisions for the wet bar cabinetry. But I do see an end in sight. Have to order the ceiling fans yet and the lights for over the bar. Might still need more driftwood and the lake is still very frozen. Maybe if we are lucky the lake will go out in a month.

Skylights over Dorri's side of the bonus room
North wall above the stairway. Still have to frame opening for stained glass panel.
All the dormers are complete. One more driftwood pendant light for Perry to install.
The bathroom door looks amazing, love the contrast with the driftwood.
The skylight over Perry's side of the bonus room facing east.
The last of the ceiling to be complete. Those pillars will have rock installed on them and the railings will be a combination of driftwood and wood.
From the stairway looking south to the sewing/art studio side... I can't hardly wait to get it all set up.
Relax... Respect... Enjoy...Dorri

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