Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lakehouse Update

Master Bedroom Rock Wall Installation
Perry finishing the nailing of the lath strips.
Applying the cement scratch coat... this doesn't seem too hard, consistency is key. Should be about the thickness of peanut butter and spread about 1/2" thick over the lath. You want to make sure the lath is completely covered.
Brush the concrete with a whisk broom after about 30 minutes to rough up the surface. 
Per does his half and I do mine.... lol more like I do 1/4 he does 3/4... he was much faster than me.
Scratch coat complete and we let it dry for 24 hours. 
Laying out the rock on the floor and making our cuts in advance. Very little cuts on the first 7 or 8 rows. Now going around the boxes will be a little tricky.
First row going on.... big learning curve but once we go the mortar consistency correct it was much easier to apply. Now the mortar should be more like pudding. If any drips on the rocks below you just leave it till it gets crumbly and it just brushes off. I used a grout trowel to smooth out the small amount visible.
Keeping it level cos no one wants to see it crooked!!! Don't drink and do rock work!
I am on a roll. Not sure we really needed to colour the mortar as it is a tight fit and you barely see it  but we had it so we did.
One days work....and a mighty fine one if I do say so myself. Next week we tackle it again. I estimate  4 days to finish this wall. So 3 more to go.

The rock we are using is Boral Stone - Pro-Fit Alpine Ledgestone and the colour is Chardonnay. It's the same colour all the Tim Horton restaurants use lol. Every time I look at it I will crave a French Vanilla. The boxes Perry built on the wall are small art niches for picture frames or curios. The two bottom ones have the switch plate and plug ins in them. I am going to mosaic the back wall of them with stained glass, the pine wood is stained and varnished. 

Doing this project has given us the confidence to think we can tackle the interior fireplace and a few more walls. Other than being 40 feet in the air we think it's very doable. The rock on the fireplace, 2 small walls and the kitchen exhaust fan hood is a little different profile. Country Ledgestone - 2/3s Black Rundle and 1/3 Wolf Creek for contrast. After the bedroom wall is complete we set up shop in the master bathroom. A 6 foot wall is crying out for rocks. To give the bathroom a spa like atmosphere. The towel warmer will be installed in the middle of the rock wall. Haven't decided on a colour yet. Hovering between Pro-Fit Alpine ledgestone - Black Mountain and their new colour Dark Ridge. Both are grey mixes. Will check them out this weekend at the distributor.

Sad to say that pretty much all the rock you see in this last picture will be hidden by the bed and night tables isn't it?

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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