Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lakehouse Update

Ceilings and Doors
It has been quite a while since I have updated the work on the lakehouse. Sawyer being born, travel to FSJ twice, Christmas, kids home for school break from Australia, travel here and there, shovelling snow, both of us had the flu, this that and the other thing.... but I am back.
We spent a great week working on the kitchen and front foyer ceilings and I have been getting lots of little jobs caught up and complete. Perry got the ceiling complete in the master bedroom bath upstairs. We put some trim up in the skylight tunnel. Some more lights were installed. Still feels like we bounce around working here working there.... but it's getting done. The bonus room pine is stained/varnished and waiting to be installed. That is the hold up on the bonus room flooring installation. I cannot wait until this happens.

I stained the doors with Old Masters Dark Walnut and absolutely love them. They are solid cherry Stallion Doors from Windsor Plywood. The color matches very well with the windows. I stained the hardest door first.... this door goes in the master separating the tubs/sink area from the toilet. 2 coats of varathane coming up next week. I might hang a gauzy curtain on the inside??
Just a lovely color!
The foamy brushes work very well on the smooth even wood and less stain is required. I wipe once to get the excess stain off and then a final wipe. In 3 days the varathane can be applied, 2 to 3 coats of that with a light sand in between coats. I use the vacumn to suck up the dust and then wipe with a damp cloth to prep the door.  
Picking the right profile was a headache but we are really happy with our choice. Simple clean lines. I plan on painting the top square for the pantry door with black chalkboard paint so we can leave notes and make lists on it. Not going to add the magnetic layer as it is a pocket door. 
13 doors to do, 8 are stained both sides now.
Per finishing up the last row of the ceiling in the foyer. 2" crown molding will cover the edge eventually.
The recessed lights still need the metal covers so we just have lights on pig tails hanging out on them.  Perry put up the centre light. Very nice to have lots of light.
Looking through from the front of the house to the back kitchen door.
Adding the trim inside the closet and framing the transom.

Next up after the doors are finished up will be staining and varnishing the 1 x 6s for the garage foyer entrance & main floor bath. Yay. Those are the last ceiling boards until we get back at the garage and workshop and that can wait. I think we have made our final choices on the majority of lighting that we haven't purchased yet. So many choices and so hard to find just the right one.

Happy Valentines everyone have wonderful love filled day tomorrow.
Relax... Respect...Enjoy... Dorri

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