Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Trees of 2013

Today we went out and found our first tree for the Lakehouse. It was fairly chilly so we weren't as choosey as we may have been but it was -15c out and a little windy. I was hoping to find a white spruce but no such luck so this is a black spruce. Smaller needles and cones. Maybe the plan should be to find one next summer, tag it with ribbon and cut her down in December... a good plan if you can remember where it was lol. We put the sleigh behind the sled and off went into the snowy forest.
This was the perfect tree and easy to get at. About 15 feet high when we trimmed a little off the bottom
Perry cutting down the tree 
Yay I did it!!!! Love my bushman!
And it only fell off the sleigh once!
Brrrrr can we take it home now? Hope I have enough lights to decorate it with!!!
Our condo Christmas tree sized just right for the small space
Our first Christmas together in 2011... this is our 3rd wow how time flies
Relax... Respect... Enjoy the holiday season... Dorri

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