Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's a Boy

IT's a Boy for Ashley and Danny
Welcome to the world Sawyer James Vincent
Born November 6, 2013
5 lbs 15 oz
Some of the roads were kinda ugly from the storm 2 days before
I got the call from my beautiful daughter on the morning of November 6th that she thought she may be in early labour. Only 19 days early though. I frantically called the airlines to try and move my flight up from the 18th but was not at all successful. All the flights until the 10th were booked up. So after a few stressful minutes and discussion with Perry we threw our bags together and hit the dusty trail to Fort St John 16 hours away. The IMessage was my saviour as she kept us informed all day long as to what was happening. We all hoped we would make it in time for the birth but around Edmonton at 6:22 in the evening Sawyer made his grand entrance. I couldn't have hoped for a better labour for my little girl. All went very easy and quick. Momma and baby doing just fine. He's a little sweetheart, sleeping and eating well and rarely crying.
New baby boy Sawyer just minutes old
Meeting Sawyer my first glimpse
Ashley and baby 15 hours old

3 Generations 
Happy Grandma Happy Momma Happy Baby
Sweet little baby boy.....can I keep him?
Proud Grandpa Perry.... you look pretty good holding a baby
Rock a bye baby 
The proud parents and their little bundle of joy
Oh my look how little your hand is compared to mine? 
Grandma and grandson
Visiting at the hospital, they stayed 2 nights
Hi family....
I missed Halloween but I am practicing to be a pirate.... arwwwww matey!
Fort St John Hospital Birthing Centre - Phenomenal rooms for mother's giving birth
Best friend Caitlyn meets Sawyer
November 8th Bringing home baby. The snow just arrived too.
Sawyers first home on 89th Street
Sawyer meeting his big sister Dex..... what is that little bundle in there? 
It's a good spot to lay my chin daddy.
We spend alot of time just looking at the baby.... lol
Just more looking and cuddling
Sawyer James Vincent has arrived
Baby time
Got my binky.....
Hands up am I under arrest?

Just sitting here on the corner of awesome and bomdiggety....
May you touch dragonflies and stars
dance with fairies and talk to the moon
May you grow up with love and a gracious heart and people who care
Welcome to the world little one
It's been waiting for you.....

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... 
Welcome to the world my sweet little grandson... Dorri

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