Friday, October 11, 2013

Lakehouse Landscaping Update

We beat the snow this fall. The gravel and boulders were laid last week finally. Some fine tuning will be required which I can still hopefully do this fall if we have a few more nice days. But more likely as not it will happen next spring once the snow melts. The driveway was made slightly less steep and the gravel is packing nicely. We got some very nice boulders placed here and there. I did a mini garden below the west side workshop windows that I am anticipating enjoying while I work. Next year I should add a couple window boxes below them to plant annuals in. The crew gravelled and packed the trail around the back and north side of the deck so we can access around there with quads or sleds if need be. I want to line it with boulders and flat rocks. I can see the need to head up north to Limestone Lake to acquire more rocks... flat limestone ones... duh lol hence the name of the lake. Now that the level of the driveway is set we can hopefully get a set of steps built for the deck before winter or make do with the makeshift ones we are using if the snow comes too early. Soon landscaping will be over for winter.... time to focus back on finishing up the interior.

Boulders we had placed at the back entrance to the yard, now that I look at this I wish I had them place two the same size oh well.... maybe the one will grow!
North side of deck, gravelled the quad path around the back and side of the house.
North side of house.... limestone rocks. Want to add more along the path way edges and plant with mosses and  creeping thyme. 
Close up of the mini garden under the workshop windows. Will edge with roman pavers when the driveway paving stones are installed next year.
Mom gave me that Potentilla from her garden, it transplanted very well. We found the Red Osier Dogwood tree in the bush, planted Clematis by the post and some ornamental grasses
Boulder retaining wall alongside the driveway
Boulder retaining wall, wanna fine tune it a bit by adding more small rocks and possibly planting some trees along the edges in place of the odd boulder.
Disappearing waterfall along side the driveway... unfinished will be more fun to do in the summer. 
Soon this will be covered by three or four feet of snow....
Naturally occurring rocks in the forest lol..... they keep sprouting up in the yard like magic... love me some rocks!
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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