Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lakehouse Landscaping Update

The countdown to snowfall is upon us. Autumn is slipping away and with it the opportunity to work outside on the yard.Boo fall! Pat brought us a few loads of nice big boulders and work began on placing the rocks to reinforce the sides of the driveway. We spent a few hours placing rocks to create a small waterfall below the deck. It will run down and recirculate back up no pond required. The water falls into a large barrel that has many holes drilled into it which sits in a basin of crushed rock lined with pond liner. The pump we are using is pretty powerful. We need to come up with something to slow the force of the water down to a small trickle. If the weather cooperates will give it another shot this weekend. So stay turned for more pictures next week.
The barrel that holds the water at the base of the waterfall . Waterfall is to the left out of the picture
If Luke can turn this big machine around by the garage we can turn the Ridgeline around easy peasy
Paul bringing the rock in from the bush, dropped it a few times but he got it there 
Placing the biggest rock we could find at the edge of the driveway... so love it
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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