Monday, September 30, 2013

Workshop Update

Workshop Sink Installation
Finally a workshop sink gets installed
Custom made workshop sink from IBuild. This company also made the kitchen and laundry room copper farmhouse sinks. They are from Colorado and do beautiful work with metal. This beauty is deep and brushed stainless. Perry cut out the hole for it on my old desk and I covered the top of the desk with a mosaic of leftover tiles. The green and blue were from Brandon & Megan's bathroom reno and the brown ones from the Thomas Motors bathroom renos I did. A nice eclectic mix. Grouted... sealed and ready to use. I will eventually paint the legs and metal parts gray and attach a cover board to the front of the desk to finish it off. A good use I think of an old desk. I am little bit closer to to being able to create art again. Perry installed a pull down Moen faucet with a soap dispenser. Thank you my love. Small joys big joys this sink makes me happy and I am itching to get to work.
Should have taken a pic with the soap dispenser under the sink lol
Thanks for the cute tiles Brandon and Megan.... can't wait for you to come home and see it
Stay tuned for my first project.... hopefully by the end of October and before the wee little baby boy is born....
Relax... Respect... Enjoy.... love our life PT... Dorri

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