Monday, September 16, 2013

Perry's Wood Shed

Building the Wood Shed
As winter is quickly approaching us in the "far  north" lol we began looking for a place to hide our nuts for winter. Pinterest has some great ideas for wood shed plans. We adapted a plan to suit our needs and Perry made the shed reality. We had a great skookum pallet that some of the long Hardie siding came on so that determined our size. Using leftover wood and really warped 1 x 4s this is what we built. We shingled it and I painted the outsides and trim to match the house somewhat. We built the shed inside the garage. That determined our height as we had to be able to get it out haha. Nice, warm and no wind or bugs. Hauled it back out with the zoom boom thing and down the hill to a sheltered spot in the trees. Easy access to get wood for the fireplace. Another fun project complete.
Building the frame and the back
No accidents in the removal of the shed from the garage
There's my sexy fiance starting the shingles
We who have never shingled did a super job not that you can tell here as this is the very beginning of the task
All tucked away in the trees waiting for some more wood
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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