Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lakehouse Ceilings Update

Ceilings Update
The ceilings are coming along slow but sure. The bonus room vaulted ceilings should have been finished a week ago but unfortunately we ran out of stained/varnished tongue and groove. Estimation of product is always on the shy side for this project. I even added 30 more boards to my pile but that didn't help. Oh well. This meant Perry had to delay the flooring crew a couple more weeks. I am sorry that my sewing room furniture will still wait in the sea can to be released into my custody. Time off for good behaviour? We have the kitchen ceiling 1/4 done, the front foyer to be started, the garage foyer to start, the master bedroom walk-in closet to finish, the garage/workshop and garage 1/2 bath left in the ceiling department. Seems like a lot but we actually have a lot more complete. The doors and door jambs should arrive in two weeks. There will have to be some major staining and varnishing happening then before Pat comes back to install those. About 20 doors to install.
Dormer ready for the driftwood lights to be installed
Completing the ceilings all those crazy angles 
The light is really quite amazing in here, will be a wonderful sewing and art studio
The crown moulding was installed in the guest bedroom
The crown moulding in the hallway 
The tree looks so good here a nice contrast to the warm wood  cool driftwood
The skylights over the couch sitting area were not completed yet
The skylights on the art studio side of the room complete love the beadboard in there
Same skylights just from a different angle
This is the piece of ceiling still to be complete, right by the stairs
A cool view of the sky at night fall 
Dream room looking north to south from the stairway 
Looking south to north from where my sewing desk will sit
Relax... Respect...Enjoy...Dorri

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