Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lakehouse Update

The sound of hammers is filling the air again at the Lakehouse. We have enjoyed a full couple of weeks with carpenters busily working away. Perry has taken time off work too. A lot has been accomplished in just a few days. We have so much fun taking on projects together. Much more to be done but happy to see work resume. Not so happy with the plumbers and electricians as they are delaying us again. I do not enjoy the phrase "Maybe next week". We have a 2 week window before Tim's crew will be back to finish the decks and siding and I would hope they get here and get their jobs complete before then. Oh well no worries what will be will be.

Perry has been working diligently on the master bathroom ceilings. They look terrific. He's completed the laundry and pantry ceilings already. Will get a picture for you for my next update. I am behind getting more boards pickled and stained for him now. I have been busy staining and varnishing boards for the finishing carpenters who will arrive on Monday to complete the bonus room ceilings.  The crown moldings are ready to install in a few rooms. The doors and jambs have been ordered and the flooring dudes will arrive for the bonus room about September 10th. We may actually have one room complete but for the cabinets which we are still waiting for the final plans to approve. Time to think about making some final decisions on the slate for the bonus room bath & the stairs. Will be fun to take my painting hat off and put my tiling one on.
New deck out the kitchen door
James Hardie fascia installation on front deck ceiling waiting for electricians to  rough in some recessed lights
North deck under construction seems bigger than we imagined 
Instagram-m-ed Dorri on the 2nd floor deck off the master bedroom
Carpentry crew admiring their work on the front West deck 
Front West deck - Fiberon Horizon composite decking.  Colors Ipe and Tudor Brown for trim and I have to say it looks fantastic. 25 year warranty against fading!!! Looks like Teak without the work. 
Arbour being constructed over a small piece of the front West deck 
Front deck looking to the North 12 by 60 feet 
North side of deck. The 3 trim boards in Tudor brown border the whole complete deck. We found we had some space off this side for a small fire pit area. Along side the chipmunk mound.
The back deck off the kitchen facing East. Love that we have a small portion covered from the elements from the bedroom deck.
This deck is about 60 feet x 14 feet. Lots of room for entertaining a group. 
Front deck facing West looking to the South. I imagine in the years to come Clematis and Virginia Creeper growing up the rock covered posts.
Happy Eves Trough Day...... August 21/2013 we finally have our water issues under control. My rock garden is in no danger of being washed away anymore. Siding is complete on this high wall between the garage and the house. Not sad at all to see the last of that flappy house wrap. 
Eves troughs on the front of the house. Nice color called Commercial Brown matches the aluminum on the exterior of the windows exactly which was Architectural Brown.
My hibiscus tree is VERY happy living in the loft. Loving the sunlight from all the windows.
Non stop blooming

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