Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lakehouse Trim Update

Our trim order came earlier than we expected and we got a nice head start on the carpenters before they arrived. We chose stain grade Hemlock 5" & 4" for window trims. No profile just plain Craftsman style, the top board being 5" and slightly set out from the side boards. Pat attached 3" sills to some of the lower windows that really added character. New homes are so devoid of character that I think you need to add wherever you can for beauty and interest.
Old Masters - Dark Walnut stain  and Diamond  Finish varathane with a stain sheen. I started staining here in the great room then had to move to the bonus room and now I am back in the great room. Totally touched these boards way too many times!
Totally awesome fireplace mantle from Windsor Plywood. Maple slab with the bark on the sides. 9 feet high. The small one beside it is a maple slab as well with a raw front that is slated to go over the guest room bed as a shelf against the pickled pine wall.
Bonus room driftwood tree. Perry anchored it the floor and the rafters . Today as I write this the ceiling is installed around it and it looks perfect. This stands at the end of an 8 foot wet bar and I think the driftwood will match the pendant lighting the stair railing and tie the room together. Who has a driftwood tree in their house? We do.... send me a pic if you do.
Great room feature wall window trim
Great room east wall window trim
Great Room window trims 
More mess to clean up after Pat trimmed the skylight tunnel
Sky light tunnel as viewed from the master bathroom side
Skylight tunnel viewed from the bathroom looking towards the master bedroom 
Master bathroom windows with sills to hold wine glasses around the bathtub!!!!
Sills on the master bedroom windows
Great room window facing West
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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