Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lakehouse Update

Spring has sprung and the weather has finally warmed up to melt the remaining snow. The temperatures have soared to the mid twenties. If only it would last but the prediction has it cooling again next week. Aw.... such a teaser! We enjoyed a great few days unwrapping our summer gear and putting away the winter toys. Black Magic and the White Pearl are ready for summer fun. A shirtless Perry ran the sleds up on the pallet ramp for the summer.... quite the sight....sigh wish I had taken a picture! The birds, squirrels and rabbits are running all around the yard. Zzoe chased a rabbit halfway down to mom's house this morning on his usual jaunt down to get a treat from Dad. Red Poles, Robins, Jauncos, Sparrows, Geese, Gros Beaks, and even a few Red Headed Woodpeckers frequented the feeder today. The squirrels and rabbits are running all over with spring fever!!
As I write this there is even a mosquito buzzing around and I can't catch him for anything....ooops he bit me and I got him. First of the year I hope that isn't a preview of what is to come.
Mom Dad & Zzoe happy hour on the deck
Waiting on the final proof of the cabinets could be as soon as this week...please!
Master Bedroom Bathroom cabinet style
Left door is the Bonus Room cabinets and the right is the kitchen and the rest of the house
Cabinet handles and pulls..... tree branch in oil rubbed bronze.... love them
We added poplar to the ceiling above where the tv/wall bookcase cabinets will be installed
Great job. Poplar is a beautiful under used wood in homes.... a finer grain than pine
More staining and varathaning in the loft windows facing west.... passive solar works awesome
My magical steps to no where in the rock garden, a nice place to put the  rabbit statues when the deck construction is complete

We have chosen the rock for the exterior of the house finally. We changed our minds from the Tim Horton's rock Chardonnay to the Boral brand- Hudson Bay country ledgestone. Very excited to see that rock go on the fireplace exterior. I am hoping I will be able to do a lot of the pillars and the low walls myself. Looking forward to trying. I love rocks and rocks love me.

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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