Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lakehouse Rockwork Update

The rock installation has finally begun on the fireplace. Of course I would find this sooo interesting. Trying to learn a little so I can do some myself too. We have an excellent crew (Steve & JJ) from Melfort for this project. Sun sun and more sun and stay away wind. The fireplace rock must be complete before Tim and crew can continue with the decks on the north side of the house. All is coming along awesomely. I will update y'all late this afternoon with a few good shots of the progress they make today. I can't say how little I will miss that house wrap flapping in the wind up there haha. I am sure Perry will not miss putting up and taking down scaffolding up 40 feet in the air. Less Ibuprofen required!!
Prepping the fireplace for the rock 2 coats of black paper, wire  mesh, and a screet coat of mortor
Start where the fun is at the very top, corner pieces attached
Starting at the bottom too
Boral Cultured Stone - Country Ledgestone - Hudson Bay
Laying out the patterns

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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