Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Inspirations

Wrap Bracelets
I have been inspired to create some wrap bracelets for a while now. Ever since I saw the Chan Luu ones in the Garnet Hill catalogue. She has created very beautiful bracelets from leather and gemstone beads. Very labour intensive ones. While very beautiful they are also quite expensive and with our dollar exchange with the US not being par or above and along with the duties/taxes I never ordered one. Sadly for me. I scoured Etsy for similar bracelets and came upon many that were close and I also found a few tutorials for creating them myself. I decided ok I can do this and searched around the house for supplies. I have a good selection of beads that I use in my stained glass workshop for odd projects and I never throw out old jewelry it just becomes a craft project item for the future (Does that future ever come? By the looks of my boxes maybe not?) Long story short in about 4 hours I created a wrap bracelet from the beads of a couple old necklaces. I forsee a trip to the bead department of Michaels in the near future for leather and beads.
I looped my leather 4 feet or so in half and tied a few half hitches in the one end and secured the loose ends with tacks. Basically you are just weaving the beads onto the leather using a bead needle as the holes in many beads are pretty tiny for regular needles. I used heavy weight strong bead cotton and tied knots every so often.
I Instagram...ed the finished bracelet, love the photo effects  from that app.
Recycling some old jewelry. I thought about using the raw polished stones but It didn't work with this bracelet design. The dark blue and black beaded necklace will make an awesome one with silver accents I think. I buy these big ol chunky necklaces I like but never seem to find an outfit they work with or maybe they just aren't me? But so pretty.
Third kind of beads now. I started with gold, then went to brown, then blue and creme... all the beads are wood I believe but I can imagine how nice some real metal and stone or glass ones would be in here.  I marked a spot on the wood to tell me when to change beads. I thought that it would be best to have one complete wrap of each kind.
The finished bracelet. After the last string of gold beads I  tied a couple half hitches and placed a flat disc button on for a closure with the first half hitches. Then I sized it correctly and adjusted the first half hitches. If you use a test string first you can get this size and number of wraps down pat before you place a bead.
"Little Guy" our little pet type squirrel just strolls in thru the open garage door and over in to my workshop and  hops up on my lap and basically demands a peanut. He can be a pest if your working (sand footprints on my work table) but we love him. 
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri...Note to self....keep peanuts handy at all times!

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