Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Inspirations

What is inspiring me this Friday? Well not only this Friday but pretty much every day of my life.... ROCKS...pebbles....stones...sand and the largest of them all mountains. I am not sure why or when I started loving rocks but as a young child I would sit for hours sifting through the earth to find just the right stone. As an adult I enjoy this pastime immensely. It's relaxing, meditative, and fun. I just can't really get enough rocks either. I am always on the lookout for another one. My house is full of rocks from my travels.  My gardens are full of rocks from other provinces and countries. The archeologists in 2000 years will scratch their heads and say that these stones could not have originated in this area of Canada??? lol How did they get here? Crafting, decorating and using them as spoon holders on my stove; in all rooms of our home you will find stones and rocks guaranteed. Rock gardens were always a top priority every time we moved. Then the challenge was where to find rocks in the new area... that was never a challenge. Many an hour was spent on the sandbars on the Columbia and Peace Rivers and by the Pacific Ocean sifting and sorting. I tried teaching my kids to pick rocks with me and told them to look for rocks that spoke to them. Rocks that had an unusual shape or color....ones that made them happy. Well I tried lol. We picked turtle rocks, doodlebug stones, snail rocks, rocks that looked like owls or cats. It really is never ending. There are more out there.

So whether gardening, hardscaping, crafting, mosaicing, painting, gluing, drilling, cutting, attaching, wire wrapping or just admiring rocks do inspire my creativity! I hope you will enjoy this selection of my rock pictures from over the  years.
BC lake rocks spread around the tree truncks
Rivers Sand & Gravel gravel testing was fun when you found a cool rock on  your tester tray
An interesting rock I found on the Halfway River banks
Rocks for decorations around my old pond
Ocean rocks at Campbell River....with a friend Mr. Crabbie
Gravel Pit rocks on a picking day in Taylor, BC 
Enjoying the sun and the assortment of rocks to pick from
Rocks my fiance Perry keeps in his pocket always and a silver shell
A neat rock with a hole washed in it that I put a round rock in cos I thought it was cute
Every now and then I throw a load of rocks into the polisher and come up with some beauties 
More polished rocks from northern BC 
An Asian inspired water fountain with beautiful stones can't wait to reset this back up in the Lakehouse
Rocks from the gravel pit, red stripes always got me excited
Reading with my feet on the rocks....wonderful day
A project I created with smooth stones at the gravel pit... mosiac heaven for sure
Table before the epoxy was laid on it.... just a lovely green gecko
The Rocky Mountains
Absolutely gorgeous painting my son-in-law to be's mother Cindy Vincent painted, I covet it! 
Gold Perry has from one of the mines he invests in..... gold in them thar hills
Rocks in a tin container... so pretty
Heart shaped rock. On Ebay you can buy heart shaped rocks someone picks for  ya. I think it was from Ireland actually.
Little tub of round smooth rocks
One of my are pretty nice rocks actually
It is amazing how many rocks with small holes already bored in them from the water I find 
Some of my collection of "finger" rocks and round rocks that I keep outside in the summer... pack it all away in the winter as if the snow will hurt them.  
A couple of the large boulders that were dug during excavation for the Lakehouse 
My rock garden steps to nowheres.... I keep stone rabbits on them during the summer
Wet rocks dry rocks dirty rocks love em all
Rocks I wanna climb by Hansen Lake in northern Saskatchewan 
My old office at the gravel pit.... special rocks on the window ledge
A very cool smooth large rock dinosaur egg maybe?
More pretty polished stones
Even Coco my bird loved the rocks or was it the dandelions he enjoyed hmmmm?
Vancouver Island - Ken Forde boat ramp perfect rock hounding spot

Campbell River, BC
Rocks around the deck at my old cabin
A small rock retaining wall that I built by the beach of my old cabin

Inukshuks.... I have made a few zillion of these over the years
The rocks at Pickey Lake
The rocks in front of the will be fabulous when complete but do you ever have enough rocks.... Imagine a small bubbler fountain along the front edge....
Limestone rocks make great additions to firepits
I hope you have enjoyed my rocks over the years. I know I have. I am sad to say some special ones are not on here. Apparently I do take a lot of pictures of rocks but maybe not enough of the ones I am thinking about stuck in boxes waiting for their new home to be finished. I think this post will receive an updated part 2 next year to show you my fabulous new finds and projects.

Relax... Respect...Enjoy...Dorri

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