Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I am Reading

Family Storms - VC Andrews
I haven't read a V.C Andrews book since way back to the Flowers in the Attic era. I really enjoyed the scary ghost books she wrote. This was a sharing book from the residents of the condo and I thought oh why not and was assuming it would be a scary one and was pleasantly surprised it was not and by how much I enjoyed it.

A homeless teenager named Sasha is in a terrible car accident that kills her mother and leaves Sasha injured and devastated. While in the hospital, an older, wealthy-looking woman named Jordan March comes to Sasha's bedside and explains that her daughter, Keira, was the one who had hit Sasha's car, resulting in her mother's death. Jordan tells Sasha that she will pay for her hospital bills and see to her mother's funeral arrangements.

Sasha soon learns that Jordan once had another daughter who had died of leukemia, leaving Jordan heartbroken and her relationship with her husband strained. Although they had Keira, she was always a troublemaker and a general disappointment to her parents. Jordan knows that Sasha has no other family willing to take her in, so after some time together in the hospital, Jordan offers to adopt Sasha. Stunned, Sasha agrees and is soon whisked away by this relative stranger who keeps insisting the accident was "an act of destiny."
An irresistibly tangled tale filled with gripping emotional drama, Family Storms marks the start of bold series that is sure to enthrall Andrews's fans.

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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