Friday, April 19, 2013

My Drive up North

Back to the Lakehouse today, after an enjoyable few days with my fiance in Melfort. Spent the time making revisions to the cabinet plans, picking window trims and making yummy suppers for Perry and Bold. Was a lovely day for a drive, warm and sunny. Sort of springy but for April 18th I would expect to see more melt happening. Oh well, it has never not melted before so I expect unless we hit an Iceage it will happen eventually. Seeing wild life along the Hansen Lake Road always makes the drive fun and it goes faster.

First I must say RIP little Ruffled Grouse.... I have no idea why you flew at my grill and I am so sorry that all I saw in my rear view mirror was a cloud of feathers... now I never saw a body (and on the soaps if there is no body.... they are still alive) so I am going to believe that you survived albeit a few less feathers!!!
In memory of Roy the Ruffled Grouse
Scooter the Skunk was just waddling along the edge of the ditch by the  Torch River
The Whiskey Jacks were on a suicide mission too on the edges of the highway... crazy birds!
Fred the Fox was trucking along the ditch by White Gull and stopped to sniff the air for mouses in the houses!!!
A Raven digging in the snow 
The crows returned a few weeks ago and are cawing away by the lakehouse already...arghhh

What a great day to be alive. Love one another and be at peace with all that is.
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

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