Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Inspirations

Welcome to my new section of my blog. 
Every Friday I will post what has inspired me this week. Things that make me happy and get the creative juices flowing. Stuff or people I admire. Trust me this won't be heavy stuff!! Just light, happy and fun!

We have been coming home to a Christmas wreath on our condo door now since November.... so this week I made a new cheery spring wreath.
An enjoyable trip to Michaels resulted in these goodies. I love hydrangeas and found these big floppy greenish ones. A few purple cosmos, some yellow and purple pansies. Some purple berries, ivy and spanish moss on a willow wreath completed the project. Now I know you are all looking at that silver reindeer holding it all up??? What's with that lol. Ok I need to find a less Christmas themed  hanger eventually. Hardly on the priority list. If anyone knows where to buy them I will take suggestions cos I usually only see them during the holiday season. 

Relax... Respect...Enjoy Spring... Dorri

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