Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ceiling UPDATE Great Room

The great room ceiling is complete. Let the trimming begin for the windows and doors. What a great job those guys did, it looks amazing. They will be back to finish the skylight tunnel thru the master bedroom thru to the master bath and also finish what we began in the bonus room. Let the professionals do the crazy angles. It is so wonderful to sit in there and not be staring up at green foam insulation. The wood is warm and inviting and no cleaning required.
Loft/Master bedroom looking east
Loft looking west. Will cover this wall with poplar in a darker shade of stain. The exercise equipment side of the loft.... imagine the gallons of sweat that are going to pour off us here in the future!
Great Room view from the loft to the northwest
Great Room facing north. The fireplace is getting covered with plywood  1st step to installing the rock
Great Room
We have been jumping all over the house working here and there. Lately we have been doing more in my workshop. Perry installed more tongue and groove, built more glass storage shelves and I have done some staining  and attempted to put more glass away. It is going to be such a great place to work eventually.
Is it level Per? Adding the pine to the west workshop wall love my driftwood color stain
Perry made me this great glass shelf.... I am running out of wall space for all my glass storage.
Wall is complete, plumbers have to finish the plumbing lines to the sink before we can add those few boards. But we cut them and stained them so they are ready when we are ready.

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... and  kiss someone you love  today... Dorri

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