Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bonus Room Walls and Ceilings

 The bonus room took a big leap ahead of some of the other rooms last week. I don't believe it was on the priority list but life just never goes as planned!! I painted some of the walls that gorgeous aqua from the guest room and will paint the remaining walls the same brown I used in the main house. I started staining and varathaning the pine tongue and groove for the ceilings Old Masters "Natural Walnut". The window trim is "Dark Walnut". It makes for a nice contrast.
Dormer walls facing my sewing area area aqua opposite sides brown
Sewing area storage closet... full of fabric now, will have to haul it all out for the flooring to go in
Staining and varathaning the boards for the ceilings of the bonus room
2 coats of Diamond Finish Satin Varathane is the perfect sheen
3 rd last board on the ceilings in the sewing/craft closet YAY!!
The wall that will eventually have Perry's big "ass" tv  hung on it. The wood looks perfect!

Relax.... Respect... Enjoy.... Dorri

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